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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Timothy Bowman who was born in Illinois on March 04, 1982 and passed away on November 24, 2005 at the age of 23. We will remember him forever.
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Great Guy   / Becky Johnson (classmate/friend)
TIm was a man in every form.  He fought for what he believed in and took on the pride of protected's too bad america didn't help to protect him....He will forever be cherished in my heart with his genuine grin and the laughs h...  Continue >>
So Sad   / Denny Murray
Mike,  Only knowing you and your family so far online, I am so saddened by your horrific lose. To have lost a young man so full of promise is so terrible. I can't really say I feel your pain as I have never had to live through this. I do however...  Continue >>
recent military widow   / Jeannie Manley (n/a)   
recent Military widow, please contact   / Jeannie Manley (military widow )
My name is Jeannie Manley. I am so sorry for your loss and I feel your pain. I recently lost my husband to suicide on October 22, 2007. He served as a Marine Squad leader in Semolia. If you wouldn't mind, would you please contact me. My&nbs...  Continue >>
A friend I never met   / Katie Sweeney
Dear Mike,

Not sure how I exactly found this site - but, has been the case at this time of year, I think of Tim.  While we never met - I felt like I knew you and Tim thru your email and pictures.  I can't remember how many packag...  Continue >>
in my prayers  / Anna P. (camp friend )    Read >>
Michelle and family  / Maggie Beinecke (Shell's friend )    Read >>
You are not alone......  / Brenda Meyers (PGR member )    Read >>
.... / Lara Feary (Forever Friend )    Read >>
To Tim's Family  / Dana Hardy (Friend to Soldiers )    Read >>
For Tim our Hero  / Susan Coats (Just someone who cares )    Read >>
Tim's monument  / Randy Omvig (Freind of family )    Read >>
Always in our thoughts and prayers  / Emily Piper (Friend)    Read >>
Bond / Erica Brokaw (Fellow soldier's wife/friend )    Read >>
I am so sorry for the loss of your Tim  / Ellen Joshua's Mother (family friend )    Read >>
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